Brand Connections is a new breed of media agency founded by two advertising veterans. We believe that the role of any communication practitioners is to create purposeful idea for clients regardless of what discipline they are in.

This proposition gave birth to our agency in 1996.

From a humble beginning as a start up company, we are now the largest independent media agency with 1.6 billion baht billing.

We are an eclectic group of thinkers who love brand and idea, but choose to work in media. Our view is from the angle most advertising people prefer to overlook.

We realize that media has great potential and should not be viewed as commodity.

Media is not a number crunching game with meaningless data.

We value media as a strategic marketing tool, to this end, we have to get to the bottom of client's brief to be able to craft media ideas that help brands prosper.

In this belief, we proudly call ourselves the “Media Idea Agency”.