Ichaya Santitrakul

Ichaya is the godmother of media industry.

She has more than 40 years of experience in Bangkok media which has peculiarities unmatched anywhere else in the world.

She began her career at Lintas handling the largest advertiser in the country ie. Unilever during which the industry was a buyer market. And this was the beginning of her long standing relationship with media owners. Despite her gentle exterior, she has a reputation in the Bangkok media scene of driving hard bargain with a keen sense of strategy.

Before her time at Brand Connections, she was the founding member and Executive Media Director of JWT Bangkok, during her tenure there, she worked on Unilever, Ford, Citibank, SC Johnson, Pizza Hut and Shell.

Ichaya made her bold move to co-found Brand Connections, a passionate venture that she aims to build as the best media agency in Thailand.

Prasert Eamrungroj

Prasert is a brand strategist by trade with experience in marketing and advertising industry.

He was Managing Director of JWT, the top three creative agency in Thailand where he spent time there for 10 years. The vast potential in media arena together with his contrarian thinking attracted him to change course co-founded the media agency with a unique offering that marries his expertise with media discipline.

He describes his strength in the following context “I may not be the best brand strategist in town, but I am the only strategist that has a profound understanding in media aspect. This enables us to move media to an upstream position in client's agenda”.

Prasert has written 9 books and turned himself as a speaker to stimulate business sector to realize the power of innovation and disruption.